Musei Vaticani.

Yesterday class was held in the Vatican Museum. I was eating up everything about their Egyptian Art collection... I think my 3rd grade infatuation with everything egypt started to catch up with me again.
COOLEST mummy, right!? When I get back home, I need to go find my stack of Egyptian books from  those obsessive grade school years.
After that gallery, we made our way through the Roman art collection.. above is the Laocoon, which had a HUGE impact on Michelangelo & Baroque art. 
the best was this hallway FULL of busts & heads. Hundreds of them.
little baby heads... which seems kind of rare.
fat man laughing heads.
children & babies.
& something none of us had ever seen before... SMILING heads. SO CREEPY.
on the right is Spear-bearer by Polykleitas, although this is a Roman marble copy, this statue served as the base & formula for works to follow. Crazy how they figured out all the proportions with one statue & everything in the era following it came from this work alone.
Don't mind the earphone necklace.
On the right is one of Da Vinci's unfinished works. Amazing! You don't need an X-ray to see his steps of painting, incredible.
lots & lots of frescos.
Chirst's Entombment by Caravaggio had to be one of my absolute favorites, this photo does not do it justice... plus its HUGE, which you cannot tell by the photo either. So much emotion in this painting, if I wasn't starving, I could have looked at it all day. Raphael's The Transfiguration on the right, the colors & size were blowing me away. Another amazing piece I couldn't get enough of.
yesterday was photobomb your own photo day, as seen by this cheese of a smile.

We then made our way to the MASSIVE line leading towards the Sistine Chapel. Thousands of humans. So much heat.
professor steve was sprinting through the line... which meant all 18 students had to be close behind,  that made for an interesting time. We surely sweat off the afternoon's Old Bridge Gelato.
Made a quick stop at Raphael's School Of Athens.
I had seen loads of powerpoints of this in my art history class last year & thought it was so cool... I can't even explain how amazing it is to learn about each of the works... while standing in front of them!
Stoked on Raphael.
glasses party!
After what felt like days in that hord of humans, we made our way to the Sistine Chapel. The photos I illegally took do not do justice... & my words do even less, which is why I won't try.
Six hours at Musei Vaticani?
exhausting & wonderful.

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Ayisha said...

I have been drooling over these pictures for a good 2 hours now...CHELS! Epic. So epic. Annnd I'm pretty sure School of Athens is one of my favorite pieces EVER-so I love-jealous-hate you right now.