Awesome. in, I'm literally in a state of awe... for majority of my day. 
Yesterday was no exception.
the typical walk to school.
That giant statue of Constantine. Not to mention... Marcus Aurelius HOW IS IT STILL IN THIS GOOD OF CONDITION?!
overlooking the roman forum... love.
we basically hung out with a bunch of naked people all day yesterday.. this one was titled "modest venus" so incredibly modest she is... also, the Theater of Marcellus... plus the apartments they added in the middle ages. Where people currently reside. How cool would it be to tell people your address? "Oh, I just live in the Theater of Marcellus" like it was no big deal.
stalker photos Mckenzie took of me while I was giving a presentation on the Pantheon.
the innovative incredibleness of this building is baffling.
Raphael's tomb. 
Meagan & I discovered that we are the same in our obsession with elephants.
Midnight Gelato runs... stopping at the trevi fountain to make a wish.

just two. will get you an a cone AS BIG AS YOUR FACE. 
unheard of in this country.
Old Bridge Gelato, across from the Vatican wall...
 a nightly destination for about 400 locals, as well as us crazy americans. 

I'm in love with this city & the guy who scoops my gelato every day.

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