the definition of picturesque. 
My classmates & professor steve & myself. That's the Basilica of St. Francis behind us. Spectacular! Did you know he introduced the nativity scene? Right there in Assisi! 
the view from that quaint little town on the hill was breathtaking! 
perfect amount of rain. the hundreds of nuns running around were loving it just as much as me.
lunch. KILLER lunch. Gnocchi with gorgonzola & black truffle.

this jar represents about how much nutella we've collectively consumed thus far.

So I REALLY wanted to hike up to this castle at the top of the mountain.
but we got lost & ran into a field of chickens.
they told me we WERE NOT hiking to the castle (too much of a rush to the cannoli & gelato shop) and the best that they could do would be to lift me over the wall to get a photo of the view. APPARENTLY most of our group has been cheerleaders at some point. I may have fallen from this human tower due to laughter.
lame photo right?
(actually, after they saw the other group's photos who actually hiked to the castle, they were wishing we put off the gelato for a half hour & took the hike.. LAME)
ash, brenna, meag, kenz, kylie & myself!
annnnddddd the perfect train ride home.

just when I thought it couldn't get any better. it did.


kylee said...

i wish blogger had a feature that allowed me to jump into you photos because holy crap these are the prettiest pictures i ever did see.

taylor morgan said...

polka dot umbrella... niceeeee