Today is the day.

(blossoms... while waiting for yesterday's clients to arrive)

The show we have been waiting monnnnnths & monnnnths for. I guess we could even say years! Okay, maybe just a year & a half...since the last one. Though I'm pretty sure I've been waiting for this since the first show I attended... way back in what, like 2007? Thats a solid 5 years. I've been waiting 5 years. THE DAY HAS COME! As soon as the working day is over, I'm jumpin' in my car, cranking the tunes, parking in a shady lot, sitting against the orange wall of in the venue, eating a pork salad with no pico or cilantro while I wait for a few hours until the beginning of the a concert of which I will be occupying the front row for.


we are ready for you.
(and by we, I mean me & the ten other people I made purchase tickets to your show.. declaring it "UNMISSABLE!" This being my sixth time attending, I consider myself well-knowledged on the subject of wether or not attendance is required.)

... In reality, I'm thinking more similarly on the lines of... HOW THE HECK DID THIS DAY GET HERE SO QUICKLY? January was yesterday. May is tomorrow. Time is FLYING!

p.s. Thursday is still the best day. (proof, right here)

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Kirstyn said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! So happy to have now found yours and be your newest follower :) So a couple things...

Your pics are amazing
That is so fun you're going to Italy too! It will be fun to keep up on each other's adventures.
I'M GOING TO INGRID ALSO!! I can't even express my excitement. Her last concert was seriously of my absolute favorites that I have ever been to. Gosh I love her.