Restaurant review & more.

One of those days where I did EXACTLY what I wanted to. Woke up at the crack of dawn... literally watched the sunrise. Left for SLC around 6:30, to make to on time to my bridal shoot at the state capitol. In other words, I felt like I was still shooting in D.C. Oh, did I mention, A.Z. came with me!? What friend willingly wakes up that early to tag along? Apparently her. After the first shoot she took me to her favorite SLC breakfast. Eggs in the City. THAT PLACE IS GREAT! Highly recommended, perfectly priced & overly delicious! I was having the hardest time choosing over a breakfast burrito or cottage cheese crepes. Not to worry, after we both finished our burritos, the waiter brought us some crepes on the house for being so friendly. WINNERS. So good. Soooooo goooooood. Eggs in the City. 13th S. 17th E. SLC, UT. Go tomorrow, or the next day.
We had some time to kill, seeing as my next shoot wasn't until the afternoon. Of course we hiked on over to Tiffany's! Can I just say... it's one thing to walk out of T&Co without swiping the plastic. But when you have a GIANT wad of cash in your front pocket (acquired from the morning's shoot) it is nigh IMPOSSIBLE to still have that paper when exiting.
We then ran over to Decades... grade A thrift store. I needed some more vintage ties to add to my numerous collection. I also need a husband, to give that collection to. If he gives me a rock, I'll give him a box, I think that's a pretty good trade.

Nap time. Park in the avenues.. river running through it, SERENITY. Best part? We had to lay in the shade because 80ยบ is too warm to lay in the sun. I LOVE THAT. The second shoot then took place. Followed by? Oh, just some man selling his things on the side of the road. He practically gave me these two cameras. Ten dollars. RIGHT?

These cameras remind me of photography... photography reminds me of videography... videography reminds me of a story I have YET to tell you. While in D.C. at Stefi & Blake's engagement party, I met my long lost self/best friend. Oh dear Madi, we sat and overly enthusiastically chatted... connecting the parallels in our lives for nearly 45 minutes. We're now best friends. We almost live the same life. She's currently living in NYC doing wedding videography, check it out, because she is fabulous. Meeting her was grand.


Mandy said...

Chelsie - first, you are adorable. Second - I can't believe all of our random connections! (I guess Tia isn't THAT random,) but Allison? How weird that you ran into my cousin in DC. Also, your day sounded perfect. I need some more Decades in my life.

Madi said...

Why are we the same person?? seriously, you are the greatest.
also, i am ridiculously jealous of you and those cameras.

Meg said...

I've driven by Eggs in the City so many times. I'll go now.