Over the weekend.

Super quick business trip back home to Southern California for some engagement shoots... AND cheering on my favorite people running in the Ragnar Relay Race! Someone may have given me a bullhorn... it got a little outta control, let's just say, those runners were nice & motivated! TWO HUNDRED AND THREE MILES!? Huntington Beach to San Diego. These people are incredible.

Also, DISNEYLAND engagement shoot! WHAT!? It was like a dream come true. Wanna know what isn't a dream come true? 5 a.m. airport session this morning, that & a burnt esophagus, you heard me, I fried my esophagus.. on the inside... DO YOU KNOW HOW PAINFUL THAT IS? Didn't think so... I didn't even know it was possible, apparently so.

Little sneak preview of this weekend's shoots. The ones at the harbor are online here, but I haven't edited any other Disney ones yet... they'll be soon to follow!!

One week from today.. I'll be mentally prepping myself to HOP ON A PLANE TO ROME. WHAT!?
Time is flyingggg by.


andy brienne said...

aahh. Disney engagements. I would die. Cute pictures! :)

Allison Taylor said...

wow a disney engagement shoot that's freaking awesome. And you're going to Rome!? have a blast! Can't wait to see tons of photos.

p.s. I LOVE your blog. new follower over here :)