Love sick.

I'm love sick.

But first, go here, download the song commissioned by Tiffany & Co. .. sung by one of my most favored artists, Meiko.. you'll love it, you'll love her. Trust me, one of the most down to earth artists I've met. Plus.. It's free.

Now, have you been to Tiffany's new Like their merchandise wasn't appealing enough. They're sucking me in. Oh the videos, oh the photographs, oh the music. I've always thought Tiffany & Co.  to incredibly romantic as a whole & this new marketing ploy is only causing more of an association... in other words, it's working. I was never in to all the girly stuff growing up (I've been surrounded by boys for heavens sake), but from the first time I, as a young girl, walked through those blessed doors at 401 Fifth Avenue, I was hooked. I've been dreaming of my future Mr. popping the question with a little blue box ever since. That's about as materialistic as I get. Consequently about as unrealistic as well. I wouldn't want him to go into debt, but I'd trade a fat diamond for a teensy one if it was wrapped in a particular shade of blue. Though right now, I'd take the postman delivering an envelope from a certain region just as generously. Oh how I live for the mail.

As for things I can control... for years, (my mother can attest to this) I've been trying to justify purchasing one of these two beauties to hang on my neck.

I'm thinking I need to splurge. I always buy myself the best birthday gifts. And I've got to top last year... so how about a belated trip to T&Co... I'm thinking pick up some new blue in Paris or even Prague. Twenty is a big year, since there is no rock in the foreseeable future I'm thinking this would be a great way to commemorate. Somebody stop me. I'm begging you.

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