Infinitely cold.

No matter how many pairs of socks I put on, time spent doing the dishes with searing hot water, layered sweatshirts... I cannot seem to get warm. This has been the issue all day. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes? A day of nothing but coldness? Part of the predicament may be that I'm at my parent's house alone this week... the temp as been great, until rainy today! I'm too afraid to touch the thermostat... I may have been banned from altering its settings at a young age. Does anybody know what a normal home temperature is supposed to be? Clearly, mine is too cold. Help.

Logically, when you're cold, the best option is to embrace the rain, right? A.Z. needed a quick photograph to send to her missionary man to wish him a happy twenty first. Adorbs.

we may have journeyed to the swiss alps for these birthday photographs.

We had a good time.

More photos of ash on my photoblog.


Erika Rae said...

I totally know your pain. I'm sitting here in a ball, with 3 layers of shirts, thick socks, and a blankets wrapped around me. I might also have my computer's battery next to my feet for some extra warmth.

Its quite a struggle.

Van said...

Yay Chelsie thnks for the comment! I haven't used blogger in forever and it like got rid of all the people I was following and I love your blog!
So I'm following you again haha