I feel like I'm on a complete sugar over load. SO much sugar consumed in the past 5 days, it's ridiculous. One thing I absolutely DO NOT regret eating?


Dear dear DEAR Lindsay Ivie the GREAT showed up at my door Sunday night with a cake. Not just any cake. Peanut Butter DELICIOUSNESS CAKE. She was all distraught because it wasn't "very pretty" PSH, that culinary genius (really though, she goes to college for incredible creations such as this) made me the most spectacular birthday cake ever. Seeing as my family is out of town for the next week (the weather screwed up my plans to tag along! boooo!) I'm pretty sure I'm going to eat this entire cake by myself. That & the yummy eclair cake my mother made me. And the sugar cookies A.Z. brought me, and the candybar card my mother crafted, and finish of the 5 lb bag of sixlets I left D.C. with. Also, I tried just about every kind of taste bud pleasing milkshake D.C. had to offer... so this is all going in with that. MIX IT ALL IN! I'm going to be sick. Happy. And Sick. In a sugar coma. 

Somebody PLEASE come help me eat all of this GOODNESS!

But really. Shout out to Linds, she is fantastic. That cake is moist, and chocolately & tastes like a reese's peanut butter cup all mixed together with chunks of sunshine & heaven. 
I'm eating it for breakfast in the morning.  

*correction: I forgot there was a pan full of homemade cinnamon rolls in my kitchen this morning. I ate THAT for breakfast. suga suga suga.


kylee said...

cakes & cookies make the best breakfasts. what did i have this morning? an eclair.

Anonymous said...

sugar will always be my downfall....always......

that looks so good!!!