Business in D.C. - Part IV

Happy 20th to ME! I'm finally no longer a teenager. One year closer to being able to get into ALL the concerts I want to. I'm convinced 21 will be the best year ever. I'll be old enough to do everything I want & young enough to still be considered a kid. Nothin' beats. 

Today basically consisted of church in the VERY early hours of the morning, sitting around eating a 3 pound bag of sixlets like popcorn (while editing photos), sammich time & sitting in the airport. Also the guy next to me on my flight failed to go very long without passing gas. Yay for flying! 

Since I don't have any exciting photographs from today, I figured I'd post all these from day one - Arthur made a shoot out of me shooting. And oh how I shot! This is basically what a workin day looks like for me:

Seriously the best business trip ever recorded. Thank you Blake & Stefi for making it happen. I had way too much fun this weekend! Worth all the work! :P

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kylee said...

being able to go to any concert was my favorite thing about turning 21 for suuure. by the way, you live such a fun life. dream job right there.