Business in D.C. - Part II

We're going to start with some hilarious photographs from today 
at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. HILARIOUS.

After hang-out skype sesh with JAN last night (We love her too much) we woke up to a breakfast of bacon. Arthur ate so much bacon. Took the metro into town hit up some Smithsonian business.
On the right is me touching a piece of the moon. THE MOON!
I'm  convinced Arthur is THE BEST travel companion. Why? He knows something about EVERYTHING. We are calling him Arthurpedia from now on. It is truly ridiculous. I ask, "who's he?" "what's that?" & he ALWAYS has a response. Mind boggling amounts of information he retains.
We spent a good amount of time in the gift shop with those goggles & such... too fun too fun.
We also found out that I am too tall & too fat & have too long of hair & not enough schooling to have been a stewardess in the 1960's SO SAD. But I love that show Pan Am so much. 
Some lady told Arthur he looked like he belonged in the museum. We also went to Ford's Theater where honest abe was assassinated. When we got to the theater we asked for a boothe to sit in ... awkward. Paused for a DELICIOUS pesto chicken sammich.
I really wanted to eat at Elephant & Castle.. solely for the name. Yelp told us "NO."
Mint pants at the U.S. Mint! That's really the only reason I wore them today... we went searching for this building in order for a photograph to be taken.
Also, the front AND back of the Black House. So much walking today. So much walking.
Ended the night at Stefi & Blake's engagement party... full of hundreds of Georgetown Cupcake... cupcakes!? Too great. Ah what a wonderful "day off". Tomorrow we're working hard.. cannot wait!

P.S. Just to set the record straight. I know you crazy people get all sorts of wild ideas. Arthur & I are strictly fantastic friends... as I mentioned before, he has a lovely lady friend back home... whom I am insisting he marry. So I don't want any boyfriend talk. I can't thank him enough for joining in & "assisting me" with work this weekend. THIS IS REAL LIFE! What!

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Van said...

What the heck Chelsie!?
This is awesome! Hahaha I'm freaking jealous!