Business in D.C. - Part I

I'm on a business trip. To D.C. Did you know!? A client (Arthur's bestie, Blake) has flown me out here for a weekend engagement session of he & his adorable bride-to-be Stefi! Confession, I've blog-stalked Stefi for about a year now... so it's like I already know her anyway... therefore, this trip has already been a BLAST and it's only day one!
Due to getting to bed around 3 a.m.. late flight & all... Arthur & I may have accidentally slept in until 1:30 p.m. Not to worry! We still had plenty of time to play! While I worked! Sometimes I just have to smack myself in the face & say "yes chelsie, this is actually your job." this thing called a career is MUCH too much fun to be called work.
Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument.. it's our nation's capitol! You know the drill.
That top one is in the car outside of the Immigration & Customs Enforcement building... which also happened to be surrounded by law enforcement officers... Arthur was a bit nervous, we prayed they would not take our Brazilian friend from us! He needs a green card... ladies? (Except I'm kidding, he has the most adorable girlfriend ever, totally taken.)
After photoshoot part one (who knew engagements all around the national monuments could be this much fun?) Blake bought us all dinner at Good Stuff Eatery. I AM TELLING YOU... too good to be true. Never has a bacon burger hit the spot more accurately. dead on. The vietnamese coffee & chocolate shake put my brain into an absolute coma of contentment. To top it all off? Blake has put me up in the suite at the local Hyatt. You. Are. Kidding. Me.

This is real life. Tomorrow I get a "day off" ... you know from being so exhausted due to my long working day? What? Any suggestions as to where Arthur & I shall wander? Smithsonian Air & Space museum is at the tip top of our list. That & Ford's theater. Too excited. 

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