Birthday dinner, the first.

Here I am, camped out at Denver International Airport... layover on my way to DC! WAHOO! I can't believe this month is full of BUSINESS TRIPS. Who knew traveling could be so... free!? Due to the  month of travels, leading up to the big trip, I have planned myself a plethora of birthday celebrations, all spread out in between trips... so called, birthday month! So here we go... birthday dinner, the first:

Last night, in a decision to prep for the month long cheese & gelato fast... the first of the birthday dinners was had! And oh, what a wonderful birthday dinner it was. We stuffed ourselves & laughed our heads off. I absolutely love these ladies. Killlller margarita pizza, focaccia bread with fresh mozzarella, cupcakes and coffee gelato. perfect evening.

Oh Settebello, we shall return. Although your zero personality waiter, who's name begins with a C, will not sing in my birthday honor, we love you all the same.

And let the birthday celebratory month continue!

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Chels said...

I'm so dang glad you were born but where you really need to come is to VISIT ME, dang it! Put that in your busy popular Tiffany buying schedule for once would ya?! Love you.