Weekend in CA via Instagram.

Got off the plane went straight to DL. 
Need I say more?
It was obviously a spectacular weekend!
 1. getting to the airport 8 minutes before my flight... oh driving in blizzards at 4 am. // 2. suprising mimi, face timing her after I'd landed. // 3. getting my magic on. // 4. first in line to get through the gates.
 5. waiting for the clock to strike 10 & planning on sprinting to the TOT to be first on the ride. (which was totally unnecessary! spectacular story to follow) // 6. aubs bobs & I THRILLED to have opened the park. // 7. tracked down donald! // 8. mid-day caffeine break, bust out the IBP & DP.
 9. Thunder mountain is my favorite ride, fact. // 10. waiting for 20 minutes for the feris wheel to go rainbow. // 11. slightly terrifying silly symphony swings. // 12. DUMBO!
 13. Trend show 7:00am @ Nordy's. // 14. free facials yay! // 15. santa monica pier with mims. // 16. more santa monica pier.
 17. DIDDY RIESE! A dolla fifty for the best ice cream sandwich eva. // 18. espresso chip sandwiched between two hot chocolate chips. // 19. Break the fast with momlark, I love that ward. // 20. post church pool side.
21. ROUND TWO! // 22. short lines all weekend long baby. // 23. Couldn't help myself from indulging in the 17.85 piece of heaven. // 24. nothin' beats going to DL with momlark.

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Carly Michelle said...

Honey you are ROCKIN' the red lipstick up in those top D-land picture - teach me your ways