Great friend Kenzzzzzz asked me to come help her
 with her photography homework this afternoon.
 I'm pretty sure we finished all of her assignments
 for the class in about 5 minutes. One of which was an action shot. 
Here are the deer we tried to capture frolicking through the forrest:
Those deer would not frolic... they more like stared at us
 then nonchalantly turned their backs & walked away. 
Good thing I've had ALL SORTS of practice... frolicking through disneyland. 
Fortunately, I was able to step in.. Kenz caught this gazelle in action:
Let's be honest here. If I had two others on either side of me... 
both of separate ethnicities... 
say African American ... annnnddd oh, I dunno.. Asian. 
Maybe one wearing some tan chino's & a lavender cotton 
button down, possible scarf.. the other perhaps some 
coral denim with a chambray shirt & wayfarers... this 
could totally be the next J.Crew ad. I'M JUST SAYING.
What a good photographer that Kenzzz is. What can I say? Taught her all I know.
BUT NOT HOW TO BE THIS PHOTOGENIC! I know nothing of that magnitude.
Plus, BONUS.
Hello spring, nice of you to arrive.


taylor morgan said...

love those animal encounters

kylee said...

okaaay gorgeous blossom photos. i die over those.