Résumé Tuesday.

Do you want to know what happens when you're not going to school? You make résumés for jobs you're not applying for. Today in the office we were interviewing people for a new position. As I was looking through the résumés I was thinking "well don't these look boring." I feel like if someone would have sent us an interesting résumé, we would have interviewed them just for the heck of it! Isn't half the battle just getting your foot in the door? Hence, today's post work activity.
Do I seem hirable? I guess this will come in handy when I'm looking for a new job this fall! The nice thing about this format is that I can change it so easily to make it applicable for whatever position I'm applying for. Speaking of work, the doctor I work for made me watch YouTube videos he thought were hilarious all afternoon, tough day at work right?! Love my job.

These were the top three:

This is too funny, she is giving women such a bad rep.

I hope that my future husband will do something 
like this at our wedding, love me some JB!

& do you feel like this kid as often as I do?
 hilarious! I'm pretty sure I could fall asleep on ski's too.

happy tuesday people!

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lindsay ivie said...

that resume is the cutest thing! you are soo talented, missy.