To all the KONY haters: Do you honestly think we're all so ignorant that we don't know that there are LOADS of bad things happening in the world? I mean, OBVIOUSLY! What's the problem with helping raise awareness for a good cause? We may not be able to solve all the issues of the world, but by a simple click we can start somewhere! Get off your high horse & stop making yourself look like a selfless moron. Props to Invisible Children Inc. for using something as simple as facebook to make such a large impact! To those of you who are so concerned about the horrid events around the world & in our home country alike, let's start with Kony & continue from there, I don't see you trying to stop or raise awareness for anything unacceptable! 

 I mean, I understand the whole "well how do you know that invisible children inc. is using their profits for good?" - but honestly, if anything, this raises awareness & what can that hurt? Even if this helps the government be more willing to help (which i'm pretty sure was the point of the video, no?) then who cares if invisible children makes profits in the meantime. This isn't hurting anyone.

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