This is a photograph of two random people who are to be married. 
I would marry that man for his 'stache.
Anyway, today I received a two page marriage proposal in the mail.

Thank goodness for the mailman to bring me things
 that keep it all nice & interesting in this young little life of mine.

Just in case I accept, I wanted this documented.
The day he proposed. Absolutely hilarious.


taylor morgan said...

im confused.

Megan said...

like taylor, i would like this post to be a little less vague!

lindsay ivie said...

i am the only one who understands!! LOL.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I'm just gonna pretend that we're best friends and you called me and told me what the crap this is all about.

that man in the photograph definitely shot someone in his lifetime.

taylor morgan said...
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