I lost one earring this week. Just one. Isn't that the worst? 
You can do nothing with a single pearl earring!

Life is getting monotonous.
work, sit, work, sit, sit while working, sit, sit some more.
I'm so blessed with all of this year's travel opportunities to keep me sane.
Although I can't wait to hope on the plane to DC, or even Italy, 
right now I would just love to sprawl out on this bed of mine, 
watch My Week With Marilyn (came out yesterday WOOT!),
take a chunk out of that wheel of brie I bought while grocery shopping for what
ended up to be nearly $50 for an assortment of breads & cheeses (what!?),
have two earrings in my ears
& a full mailbox.

alas, only cheese consuming movie watching is realistic.
& so, I am off.

happy tuesday people! less than two days until the best day of the week!

p.s. photography season is pickkkking up, stay tuned here for all sorts of springtime fun, 
I'm pretty excited about some of these shoots.

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