mint pants.

the mint pants made their debut today.
sitting at my desk has never been so bright!

I wore them in honor of the new Tiffany's opening up downtown SLC.
I know they're more like a lighter, greener, shade of T Blue... whatever. Still celebratory.

My mother sent me photos from City Creek all afternoon.
I sent this back to her.

She took me to Tiffany's to get that when I turned 18.
I was reminding her that I turn 20 in two weeks.
Don't you think 20 should be an even BIGGER birthday than 18?
*(mom, if you're reading this... my birthday is april 8th.
tiffany's is now less than an hour away. k thats all.)

Speaking of my gorgeous mother. The moment she realized I had kiefed her new J.Crew polka dot shirt before she even had the chance to wear it (IM SO SORRY!) she immediately ran to my closet to see what she could find, gingham shirt? Check. When I met up with her after work, we were twinners! Navy, mint & grey. Obviously a photo had to be taken. Great minds dress alike.

& speaking of my birthday.
I received my first birthday gift in the mail today!
Just in time anthro! It's about time I go venture for some loot in your sale section.

happy thursday people!
even though there wasn't a new grey's tonight.

p.s. & speaking of Tiffany's. check. this. out.


Aubree said...

I have seen this Mage all over Pinterest so I am shocked that there are no comments. I found this original source thru Outfit Posts (a blog) and thought I would comment and say hi!


Aubree said...

That was supposed to say image.