Lunch time.

Today I underwent the most medically traumatizing
 thing that has happened to me since...

...well, when I was 9 & I had that overly scary wannabe cancerous thing
surgically removed from my right thigh... hence the remaining 
frankenstein (have you read that book!? so good) scar.

Anyway. Back to today. I was going to post a photograph, but instead
 let's look at who would have done it if I lived in the world of Grey's Anatomy. 
In reality, I'd undergo surgery solely to experience the Avery eyes. 
I'm getting off track. 
So there I was, OPERATION IN PROGRESS. Slicing & dicing. 
When all of the sudden the doctor pulls out this cauterization tool! 
Now, if this is GA land, we would have switched to the one & only Yang.
Theoretically, she would have been all up in my chest cavity cauterizing the heck out of those vessels & arteries. Queue intense music! Stop the bleeding! You Grey's fans know what I'm talking about. There they are, frantically going at it... the smoke is rising OUT OF THE PATIENT'S BODY! I've always wondered what that would smell like. Well people, now I know. First hand. Singed skin. Mmmmmmm.

I was at the doctor during lunch.. before heading to work.
I didn't eat lunch because I was unable to get that burning skin smell outta my head all day! This afternoon I had a mole removed. I got you all excited didn't I? I was hoping you thought I underwent some morbid.. practically life threatening... surgical procedure. Truth be told, getting moles removed is no fun, because it's not like it's actually painful... it's just when you look down at that gaping hole of black fried skin that used to be a perfectly beautiful mole, that you remember what a traumatic afternoon you had. On second thought, it is painful! More just like a constant annoyance.. open wound you know? But nothing you can actually complain about.. nobody has sympathy for your stinging wound you've gained just because you went to the dermatologist. I have absolutely no right to complain.


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Andrea Dickherber said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! And SOMEBODY's got sharp eyes, noticing the KitchenAid mixer (that thing is my little kitchen baby) haha.
You had me terrified reading through this post (and I'm reading as I eat breakfast, which isn't going so well for me either). I'm glad that, even though it isn't fun having moles removed, it wasn't more serious than that!

Happy Friday (TGIF)!
Left brain, right brain, pug brain.