I'm probably adopted.

This post is dedicated to my aunt Suz. Only because she LOVES that I am worse at mountain biking than her. (In reality, she's pretty good). It's hard to fit into my family of hardcore mountain bikers. How sad that I am unable to keep up with my parents (in their forties).
 Needless to say, this is obviously a before photo: 
& this is post defeat.
it's pretty clear that mountain biking does absolutely nothing for my self esteem. Though I did do a little better than last time... but that's probably because I took the car to the trail head instead of biking there.

Moma & Papa Clarke = 2.
Chels = 0.

on the bright side,
sneak attack photograph of my brothers snoozin' through church on Sunday.
they're adorable.


Erika Rae said...

Never will I ever go biking with my parentals. Way to go.

and your brothers are so adorable.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I was talking to my friend tonight on skype (tmi?) and I told her how I was horrible and didn't blog comment at all today, but I told her of a blog I saw that was called.. "I'm probably adopted.." and she agreed with me that it was the blog I had to read today.. I laughed so hard.

I can't even walk, let alone ride a bike.

your sleeping brothers, oh church. sometimes its just so boring. with a capital b.

suz said...

You made me feel so special! :0 a post just for me...sortof. I'm really scared to bike with your mom...this could be a bad year. Maybe I can bike with you to work up to your mom...I'm just saying. Love ya chels. And for you Erika, watch out one day you will be on a bike riding with me.