Going Mad.

I'm lovin' these behind the scenes photos from Rolling Stone.
I can't believe that after being off the air since October of two thousand and TEN Mad Men has FINALLY made its return. I've spent the last week watching the thirteen episodes of season four to get myself reacquainted with my favorite, set in the 60's, television drama. I forgot how insane the season finale of four was. I remember when, after racing through that last season... finding out that the show wasn't scheduled to return until at least fall of '12. WHAT ON EARTH!? I swear they were trying to kill us all. You know any television show that inspires an entire line of clothing at Banana Republic will definitely be on my list of favorites. Let's be honest, I mostly watch it for the, french cuffed, slim tied, combed haired hotties of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.. that & that red head that keeps us all on our toes... what witty lines will she throw at us this season?
Who's ready for more scandal & smoking with Don Draper?

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