Disneyland magic.

Story time!
I'd like to tell you all about
THIS photograph:
So there we were. First in line to open the park at 9:00. Then they told us that they weren't going to open the gates to Disney's California Adventure until 9:30. No brainer, we ran next door to DL & went for a quick run on space mountain, only to return to DCA where there was this massive group standing all impatiently, though happy. A man stood there with his arms crossed, looking all official & such, he then informed us that the rides would not be open until 10 am & that we couldn't pass him until that time. This is when I had cousin aubrey take this photo of me, after which I instagrammmmmed saying "waiting for the clock to strike 10 so I can sprint past this guy & be the first one on Tower Of Terror." little did I know that soon after that post, a group of ride attendants would come and select out of this massive group AUBREY & I to OPEN THE PARK! 
 They escorted us through the empty park, through the shortcut to TOT, put stickers on us so that we could show off all day that we opened the park. There we are, walking up to the tower, when all the sudden we spot Chip & Dale jumping up & down... BUT THEN! This music starts! I KID YOU NOT I FELT LIKE I WAS IN A FLIPPIN COMMERCIAL. They proceeded by hugging & kissing us while photographers went nuts with these two overly excited should-be-adults.
Its not over! Here they go whippin' out this novel of a book that we are to sign because it goes down in DISNEY HISTORY! To be kept forever. A dream come true, I am part of disney history. Stevie (girl pictured below) began by saying "you can write anything you want as long as its not..." "Inappropriate? How about 'THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!' can I write that?" And so I did.

Obviously I made them take photos of us in each room (please ignore our exorcist eyes).

We loved this photo so much that we went to purchase it.
Free 5x7 with 10 digital downloads. 
Those of you who know me, know how I feel about free stuff.
Cherry on top.

We felt like princesses in a commercial. 
I don't think they knew the enthusiasm they were getting themselves into when they picked us.
I'm sure the guys watching the security cameras were LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF. I may have gone to disneyland every tuesday when I lived in CA, but I have NEVER opened the park! I will forever be a DISNEYLAND FANATIC. These people know how to make life magical.

Shout out to mom for driving me to the airport @ 4 am & to Aubs for picking me up 
& going straight to DL. WOOOOOOOOOO!

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lindsay ivie said...

I am dying over this! I would 100% be crying. I usually do when I'm in DL!!!! Soooooo lucky!