Cris gets MARRIED.

Yesterday, my long time friend Carissa got MARRIED!
We've grown up together since birth. 
Although I wasn't able to track down any baby photos of us (I'm sure they're out there somwhere) I did find a few from after we both moved to Alpine. 
(I'm far left, she's far right)   (Here we are all dressed-up)

I feel like it was just yesterday she was giving me a hair cut (chopping off a chunk of hair on the top of my head) and I was smashing her eye in the door (we're still not sure how that's possible). We've come such a long way seeing as we don't dance & sing with underwear on our heads anymore either.
I had the pleasure of catching/brawling for her bouquet last night! To be honest, I'm tall, I stood in the front, there really was no competition seeing as she tossed it right at me. And what a GORGEOUS bouquet it is! Boys, who is ready to marry me!?

Anyway, shout out to Cris for tying the knot. YOU'RE A MARRIED WOMAN!
This was my congratulatory gift. Painted a frame & stuck it in there. 
Just so excited for those two!
Chad, you picked a winner!

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Carly Michelle said...

Love that wedding present - taking mental notes as we speak.