What a day to visit Seattle.

Friday, as I was journeying to the great island of Oahu, I left this:
for a couple of hours. Left my luggage with some guy 
named Ken for $8, bought a train ticket for $2 & headed straight for Seattle.
Said hello to the Mariners.
& ultimately found myself at Pike's Place Market.
Made strangers take photographs so I could document the actuality of me being there.
I set out to find a sandwich for lunch. Is it any surprise that ended up at Beecher's... a cheese factory. I got myself a KILLER grilled cheese sandwich, consumed while watching them make that heavenly stuff.
I continued by wandering around the city, made a quick stop at the original Nordstrom.
What started in 1901... and has become the greatest department store EVER. God bless those Nordstrom brothers for keeping it alive today.
My favorite part was seeing Mt. Rainer from different parts of the city. 
That thing is so flippin' cool. 

All in all, the best layover I've experience yet!
Much better than sitting in a terminal for hours, all alone.

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