If someone were to give me a Valentine, I'd want it to say this:

So that is the valentine I created & sent to best friend Mimi.

while I was at it... I made one for my other mother, Linda... cuz you can't send a 8x10 envelope to CA without it chuck full of Valentines... Linda is Cuban & AWESOME. She tried to teach me spanish while I lived there, the only word I picked up? Mañana. Which by time I left had become the spanish word for...  "hello" "goodbye", "I love you", "awesome", "cool", "I'm excited".. oh & "tomorrow". I mostly just yelled it as loud as I could whenever we were having a spanish conversation, the family soon followed suit, we're Mañana is just where its at now!  So her Valentine looked like this:

I'm such a fan of V-Day, gosh, a whole holiday dedicated to celebrating love!? That's fantastic! ...  and I've only had a steady boyfriend on the 14th once! I think Valentines isn't so much about celebrating romance as it is celebrating the fact that there are so many people to love! Happy valentines to all my friends & family! I sure love you & oh how blessed I am to have you surrounding me!

I just returned from saying goodbye to a dear dear friend, Michael... he is headed out to Everett, WA for two years of sharing this, I can't think of any situation I'd rather be missing him over. Regardless, I will miss him like crazy, it's been hard to wrap my head around the fact that he'll no longer be a phone call away :( Tears were shed & hugs were had. I will see you soon Elder, can't wait for two years of killer letters, all about how you're kickin butt up in Washington!

He'll be sharing the state with yet another one of my most beloved red-heads. Their mission's happen to be two of the three parts that made up the mission that my popa went on when he was 19! Crazy. I thought letters from the rainy state were my favorite before... it just keeps getting better & better!

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You have the cutest clothes.