New frames have been purchased.

I'm not... blind. I can see things, they're just blurry. Mostly I can't read street signs & I barely passed the vision test at the DMV without my glasses on. I REALLY wanted to pass it, without them on. They let me take it twice... after I asked the lady "well, are you going to turn it on or something? I can't see anything!" My dad (who was standing behind me) said that her face was priceless. The point is. I don't HAVE to have glasses on & I loathe wearing contacts. Though, the world is a safer place when I do... PLUS I'm trying to get rid of my perma-glare, which, those of you who know me, is a VERY real thing. Its all in my eyebrows! They're constantly in glaring position! Its horrible! What doesn't help is the fact that I'm constantly squinting, because when I squint, I can totally see everything just fine. Consequently, I'm always squinty, making an even more dramatic glare, causing people to think I hate them. It's not true, I love you.


I got new frames to try & promote a desire to wear glasses. It's been working! Though, I've noticed that even though I have glasses on... I still squint. Bahah! Muscle memory I guess. I love my new glasses, they're almost as round as Harry Potters, but his don't have turquoise lining the inside. 

Yesterday, between work, and Italian language class & reuniting with Arthur & friends... I read "The Notebook" (exception of the last twenty pages which I fell asleep to & finished this morning) - it was great. I bought it for two dollars while I was in Hawaii... I had spent an afternoon in this quaint bookstore while it poured outside making a list of all the books I want to read in the next couple months. Two dollars is nothing for an afternoon read! Did I tell you I read laughed my way through Tiny Fey's "Bossypants" while I was on the island? With the exception of the casual explicit, it was perfect. I loved every page. I'm a Babymama & 30 Rock fan, so I'm sure that helped.   

happy thursday people!


Deb said...

yea!! you Really need to wear glasses. now I will let you drive the camaro..with a sunroof..that never goes down.

lindsay b. said...

love the glasses. I wasn't sure harry potter could get any cooler, but if he had a turquoise trim. . . I can't even fathom.