Hawaii via Instagram

Here are 30 instagram photos that sum up the week in Hawaii, 
PLUS two really great stories, but you have to reach the end to have the honor of reading those. 
1.  A day in Haleiwa* - art gallery hopping. // 2. Rainbow bridge // 3. the VW parked out side of my mother's favorite "grass skirt" restaurant (I'm not a seafood lover, so we didn't eat there) // 4. Thai-food with David (Kerriann) & Bobalin (Deb) our waiter would not let us order for ourselves, but he did pick out some great dishes! 
*pronouced "holly-a-va" 
 5. I wanted shaved ice every day. We almost succeed, I got Guava & Coconut everrry time, with ice cream. // 6. Hiking through the forest to Shark's Cove (not really though) // 7. Hi-Chew's on the beach! // 8. I think windmills are fansinatingly awesome!
 9. Kualoa Ranch // 10. Macadamia Nut farm // 11. It rained practically the whole trip, this was us looking for sea glass when it started POURING. // 12. that said sea glass, COOL HUH!
 13. Saltwater's on the salty beach! // 14. Teri Chicken salad at Kahuka Grill, so flippin tasty. //  15. I had been craving mexican since day one. Surfin' Tacos TOTALLY hit the spot, I was in the best mood. // 16. Shaved Ice is SO GOOD.
 17. I took this picture out the window as we were driving 35 mph... can you say iPhone unbelievable shutter speed!? // 18. Hi-Chew's at longs... they were on sale ok? // 19. Kahuku Grill with Dani & the other BYU-H students!  // 20. Ted's Bakery... Chocolate Haupia Pie... for breakfast, on my way to the flippin cold beach. 
 21. SUNSHINE in Halewia... I bought a tanktop to celebrate the sun on my shoulders. // 22. Fourteen Hi-Chew's... REALLY on sale people, 2 for a dolla! Don't worry, I mostly gave them away. // 23. Me & Bobby (Deb) she is THE GREATEST. // 24. huge-tastic waves hitting the rocks. 
 25. Valley of the Temples on the way to the airport. // 26. Buddhist Temple // 27. Cheeseburger in Paradise (I love that place). // 28. Cheeseburger, Island Style... SO GOOD

Let us break for a story. Bobalin & I went to the airport on Thursday around noon. We dropped off the rental, she went to her terminal & I went to find a Shuttle to Waikiki, a shuttle was found, I asked the Shuttle people to take me to the biggest Marriott in Waikiki, they said "ok, for $26 roundtrip" I said "YES." I got to the Marriott, and immediately pretended I was a guest. I left my bags with the bell man, went to the beach, used their pool, their showers, drank their pineapple water & took full advantage of the free wifi in the lobby. Although it had been rainy practically the whole trip I got in A WEEK'S worth of sunshine in Waikiki, 80º not a cloud in the sky. While I was at the beach I pulled out the GPS on my phone, I knew a Cheeseburger in Paradise HAD to be close by! After hitting search directions said "1 second behind you" bahah! Meant to be. Needless to say, I took myself to dinner.  Following the perfect afternoon, the shuttle-man was waiting for me in the lobby, with a sign that said "Chelsie" & took me back to the airport to catch my 10 p.m. flight. Perfection. 
29. I waited for my flight with a bag of coconut M&M's & a few episodes of ER. (to be honest I actually cried my eyes out... cuz one of my favorite doctors died... I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it.) Who does that!? Who cries over television in an airport for crying out loud!
30. I thought the boredom of sitting in the terminal would be the worst part... I was planning on sleeping through my flight... boy was I wrong.

I will give you the short version of this story. 1:00 am (utah time) I borded my flight.

I strategically picked a seat in the very back of the plane.. I periodically throughout the week kept checking online to make sure no one had picked a seat next to me. I get on the plane. SUCCESS. Two seats to myself, with a window (which on a red-eye doubles as your pillow) I lay down across the seats,  fall asleep.

Two hours into the six hour flight (I was totally on my way to sleeping through the entire thing!) I am SHAKEN AWAKE by this huge poly man. I AM NOT JOKING. He says to me "Hey, can I sit here?" In my head... EXPLICITES! EXPLICITES! "huh? sure..." (I was totally nice, like WEIRDLY TOTALLY NICE) I sit up, he immediately puts the arm rest down, locking me into my 2 foot space that is no longer a semi-comfortable bed.

AND THEN! He starts talking to me! Oh the nerve of this man! "I have my little monkey's with me and I wanted them to be able to sleep. We're from Utah, are you from Utah? blah blah blah Hawaii, blah" In my head EXPLICITES! IT IS THE EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING! "oh yeah I'm from Utah." Then the poly man says "Well cool, I just thought I'd see if you wanted a snack." In my head I WAS SLEEPING IT IS MORNING WHY IN THE EXPLICITES WOULD I WANT A SNACK!? "hmm. nah, I'm not really hungry" ... put the tray table down & lay my head on it.

The super fat 500 lb (not really, but he really was quite large) wakes me about every 5 minutes from that point on due to his large body leaving the chair to check on those "cute little monkeys" ... it was a bumpy flight, before we took of the captain asked us to PLEASE remain seated whenever the seat belt sign was on & he promised to take if off as much as possible, but that the turbulence was going to be outta control. Anyway, so fat poly man keeps getting up & the flight attendants keep telling him to FLIPPIN (not really) sit down, but he kept doing it! Finally they came over the speaker.. and said directly to him "Everybody MUST be in their seats when the seatbelt light is on." In my head "EXPLICITES! YOU ARE KEEPING ME AWAKE WITH THE MOVEMENT OF YOUR LARGE BODY!"

I fall back asleep on the tray table... I wake up to a glass of orange juice NEXT TO MY HEAD! Poly man was watching a movie so he didn't want to put it ON HIS OWN tray table. It nearly spills all over my head, CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THIS HAD COME TO PASS!? It didn't.

This is where my meanness comes in
(where the previous niceness had come from, I do not know... but my guess is the vast of amounts of Vitamin D I had received from the beach only hours previously.)

 Okay, so I pick up the glass of orange juice, I give this man the biggest crusty my eyebrows can muster, I hand him his OJ... I spoke to him solely with my eyes, I immediately put my tray table up & my head against the window... I woke 5 minutes later to his body leaving the seat... back to his monkeys.. apparently he speaks the intricate language of the scowl.
We landed not long after that.

 Can you believe that guy!? 
My thoughts exactly, WHAT!?

The end.
 I slept for 6 hours once I got home.

Photos from the my Nikon to follow.

P.S. For you E.R. fans, my the captain of my flight home... his name was Doug Ross. That is a true story. COOL HUH!

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