February 20th.

Soundtrack: Salvation Dear - Greg Laswell.

I spent my President's Day up in Park City.
 Snuggling with my brothers & visiting good friends. 

Not photographed? Nickolas. Mostly because he was the one who TOOK the photos.
I'm telling you, I would be dead with out those three. How great is it to have three built in best friend/cuddle-buddies? I love them so much.

P.S. Friday, I went to up to Fashion Place with my dear mother. I may have scored this sweater (the brown part is SPARKLY!) from BR for $30. I'm not lying. I wanted it when it was $80, saving $50 has never felt so good!
I also spent over $100 at sephora. Make-up is an investment though, right? Do you ever get in those funks where you feel like your face is just falling apart & you constantly feel ugly? I know I'm not the only one! Hence, the splurge for makeup, I'm hoping it cures my insecurities! 

Also, I wish I could tell you there are more interesting posts to come... but life seems to have fallen into routine of nothing new as of late! I feel like thats what the first of the year always does to me though. Can you believe we're already almost through with February? Time is flying.

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