'11 year in review: Jan-June

Moved from Aliso Viejo a few miles down the 5 to San Clemente.
Joint bathroom with this girl & SC pier, 5 minutes away.

I ate sushi for the first time.
Also, the first fortune I'd ever had that came true. I spent most of my time (and money) at anthropologie. & attended my first professional basketball game, in style.

I finished a book that changed my whole outlook on life which ultimately lead to my blogging.
 Attempted to study for the first time since starting college.
I continued Dinseyland Tuesday (which started in 2010) & ate a fair share of beloved Monte Cristo sandwiches. Maintained an absolute adoration of my job & got to watch the kids for a weekend while their parents took off. I reenacted photographs at Disneyland from my childhood.
Went to the (500) days of summer park & adopted two baby turtles from Chinatown.
& finished off March with the most wonderful trip to New York City. Riding in limos, visiting art galleries, eating all kinds of delicious food & attending none other than Yankees opening day!

I had a phenomenal birthday. Fed my shopping addiction & bought myself my first iPhone, which still to this day I consider a top 10 decision in life. 
I gave you fifteen reasons why to visit me in CA (taylor came!) Attended several more concerts, including Greg Laswell/Lenka, causing Mimi to fall in love with my ing&friends(: playlist. 

My Family came to visit me for the first time since moving to California. 
Also, still head-over-heels for my job. Recieved my first $400 ticket(s), followed by getting out of my first ticket(s).

I tried to accept the fact I was leaving my favorite children in a month. 
 Went on THE best date with Mimi. Thad & Theo, our adopted miniature turtles from LA (in march) died a most horrible death. Had a fabulous week(end) buying sperrys, photoshoots & midnight premieres. 
Kept up "Disneyland Tuesday" by going to DL.. every Tuesday.  Said goodbye to my first year of college with Nordy's half yearly sale & a little Anthro spree. Taylor AND Megan came to visit, we did all kinds of fun stuff like sprinkles, beach & shopping.

Had the best week of my entire life to date including, meeting David Beckham (previous to going to six flags with mims & mom lark, shopping spree & Diddy Riese.) We like to call that day, "the greatest day that ever was." 
A DL sesh with the crew, hanging out with Katie Costello & Greg Holden in LA. 
And ending that said week with FRONT ROW BEHIND HOME PLATE tickets to the BELOVED Yankees vs. Angles game. I'm telling you, best week of my life. 
The following week I won tickets to Sara Bareilles on Jimmy Kimmel Live, bringing Mimi along with me of course. Said my goodbyes to what I consider home. 
And somehow fit all of my belongings in my trunk, picked up my father from the airport & sang the beach boys... all the way back to Utah. Which to this day still feels like a mistake. Not to worry, Southern California will be my permanent residence eventually.
The first 6 months of 2011 were definitely some of the very BEST months of my entire existence. 
What a life I was living!!

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