Would you like to hear,

something fantastic?
I'm just too excited, can't keep it to myself.

When I stated that two thousand & twelve would be the year of travels,
it was not an empty statement.

Blake, as great as he is, is flying me to Washington DC, in April, to shoot he & Stefi's engagements during the Cherry Blossom Fest... how fantastic is that? We just discussed flight arrangements today. I will be there over my birthday & honestly I can't think of a better way to bring in my 20th year. Hawai'i, followed by DC, followed by Italy, followed by a backpacking trip throughout Europe. With at least a visit or two in between to my beloved state of California. And that's only the first half of the year... better get the coming autumn planned, practically imperative that I keep things interesting around here. In other words, stay tuned for this blog to be filled with loads & loads of photographs from all my travels!

What a life, happy monday people!

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