Sundance Film Fest '12

Here we go, just another successful afternoon up at Sundance.
 All ready for Celebrity Shopping!
 The Alden girls, truly my favorite.
 Andy Samberg & Rashida Jones!
 Elijah Wood & Emma Roberts!
 Bahah, this guy's name is Chingo-Bling... apparently he is a latino rapper. Oh, & Chelsie Hightower. (Yep, one of the 3 people I know that spell their name the same way I do.)
 Loads of free stuff... you know how I feel about free stuff.
This little boy's name is Hale Lytle... he is in the film "Henley" which is currently playing up there... boy was this kid shyly ADORABLE.
Louis Lombardi
 This is Eric Roberts. He kissed me. 
 We made all sorts of friends up there.
Teresa Palmer & Carey Mulligan... aka Ashley... but don't tell anyone.

Needless to say, we had a blast. It was about 50º & we were laughing our heads off majority of the afternoon. Following the hours of enjoyment, I went home & succumbed to the flu. I remained in bed for over 24 hours... IT WAS WONDERFULLY AWFUL. Is there anything better than feeling like every pain receptor in your body is wide open & someone is whacking you with a sledge hammer while your stomach is doing flips... psh, I dont think so!


Anonymous said...

The little boy is Hale Lytle :)

kylee said...

WHAT?! how do you get so many celeb run-ins?! i saw elijah wood too, tried so hard to get a pic but a group of girls swarmed him and stole my thunder.