Salvation Dear.

Isn't rediscovering songs the very best?
Lately, I cannnnnot get enough of Greg's
"Salvation Dear"
it's been on repeat for days.
enjoy, do enjoy, enjoy.

Never failing to out-do yourself Mr. Laswell.

Have I ever elaborated on the fact that my family is about as cuddly as they come? A lot of my friends find is absolutely bizzarre that whenever anyone in my family walks in the door, they immediately go find everyone in the house to give them a solid thirty second (or longer, of course) hug. Post-Sunday dinner usually consists of us four kids piling a-top of each other on the living room couch, laughing & snuggling until our limbs have fallen asleep. Its the BEST! I think touch is the best expression of love & its no secret that my family loves each other. How blessed am I?

Apparently Mikelle came over some time during pre-dinner nap-time & stole my phone.
I woke up to a handful of photos of Tyson & I snoozin. I love that little boy.
I also woke up to this face.
My overly-handsom brother. Gosh Nick, did you really pick out that shirt/tie combo?


Erika Rae said...

SO cute that tyson will do that with you.

gotta love brotherly love.

Paige Andy said...

Your family is adorable.
And thank you for the new song obsession, much obliged.