Soundtrack: The Perishers - Nothing Like You And I.

Past due. I was so sick of my old header. I DREW this one! It came to me in my sleep last know, when I was dreaming about grilled brie sandwiches. I dreamt to myself "I want to incorporate cheese into my header.. without being to cheesy, I want tasteful cheese." Voilá! Cheese! Okay thats a total lie, I don't dream about my blog, I dream about cheese but not my blog. I was mostly just bored & doodling, and the previous "definition" line I had written on there was anything but STRAIGHT, so I went to re-write, with perpendicular exactitude & scan the new line... ultimately leading to an overhaul of the header. The point is, I love it! I'm thrilled about this new header, I think I'm going places with this one people.

On a new completely un-related thought, as I was reminiscing today, I came across these:

Just photos from my days of skipping school senior year to go to Park City.. well just about every other day. This particular sluffing spree was during the Sundance Film Festival. Math didn't sound to appealing, so we jumped in the car & went celebrity shopping instead. We only got photos with a few of them, but oh my did we see quite a lot! I'm headed up there tomorrow with some friends to run some errands, do a shoot or two & stalk some famous people. Hopefully I'll be able to see a film sometime this week as well. Have you checked out the line-up this year?! There are some great looking films in the mixes! Not to mention, quite a few with fantastically attractive male leads... consequently creating celeb central on mainstreet. It's hit or miss, I'll keep you updated on how we did!

Happy Thursday People!


Amanda said...

sorry for my constant comments on your blog but i love your new header!

Carly Michelle said...

A new header is always a good idea ;) Now you've got me doodling headers too...