A pair of wellies!

In the words of Angie on the ever so hilarious movie Baby Mama.

"I'm gonna make a decision.
I made my decision.
Decision made."

Egg Blue it is.
Afterall, they were the ones I had been 
wearing around the house all morning.
Practically a no-brainer.

Imma wear these all day every day.

P.S. Did I already tell you? I bought red wellington socks at 
that said J.Crew sale last week for six dollars. six dollars. bada-bing.


Stockings and Wellingtons said...

You look really good wearing your blue Wellingtons, try wearing them with a Mini and light colored Tights then watch all the heads turn when you pass.

Welly a Girl who wears Wellingtons said...

Oh it's so good to see another Girl who wears Rubber Wellingtons, you look really dishy, I'd like to pull my Wellingtons on and join you.