Gar turns 4.

Today is G's birthday. Shout out to my boyfriend back in California! Oh how I miss that little man. Today he turns four, but he is really going on forty. I'm pretty sure he has a wider vocabulary than most ten year olds. Anyway, happiest birthday to you Gar, I surely miss you!
(G & I on the train at his birthday party last year)

P.S. yesterday I was going through a bunch of videos I took back when I got to spend all day with this kid. Here is a typical occurrence, G wanted "scrumptious" chicken nuggets every day for lunch.

does he not have the most adorable little voice ever?

happy friday people!

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Erika Rae said...

CUTEST child. I hope to meet this kid one day. I've heard way too much about him to not know him yet.

I hope my children are half as cute this guy.