dear lactose intolerant people, stop now. hit the back button on your browser & return from whence you came, for I will only offend & flatten your spirits with this post.

computers? computers are not fail proof. my computer hates me, it corrupted my photography database & destroyed today's good spirits.

cameras? cameras are not fail proof. my camera usually loathes my existence, corrupting memory cards & running out of battery.

cars? cars are definitely not fail proof. I've paid for my car(s) over & over again... in repairs.

in addition to a vast amount of other things, lets just rule out all things beginning with the letter "c" for they are not fail proof.

life is not fail proof. it just isn't.

despite the lack of happiness in the post thus far, we're about to do a one-eighty.

ice cream is fail proof. it totally is. when do I ever not feel like eating ice cream? when does chocolate, in particular, compounded with dairy-ness, not solve nearly every problem for & only for, the two to five minutes that you are shoveling all that creamy, churned, wonderfully sugary, fattening, delicious substance into your mouth? ice cream is so good. I am a believer in ice cream. sure, sure, you can argue there are draw backs to ice cream... like saying its not healthy for your body or something. here are the facts people, ice cream is good for your brain, which outweighs the teensy issue some may have with the unhealthy body side of things. in addition to ice cream alone being an absolutely positive experience, how about ice cream combined with other things. it is so versatile, what does that ice cream not taste good with!? I'm talking the assimilation of ice cream amidst other things, like cookies, brownies, pie, pudding, hot chocolate, fruit, hidden veggies, cake, etc. furthermore, what an assortment of ways you can indulge the said milk product! bowled, coned, caked, fried, paired, softly served, out of the carton, shaked, melted, the possibilites are nigh endless. what I'm trying to say here is for the conglomeration of folks who are battling an absence of fail-proof-tivity in life, my plagiaristic words of wisdom are,

you cannot buy happiness, however, you can buy ice cream - which is pretty much the same thing.

& for those drawn out two to five minutes of bought indulgence, you will be happy, for you will be consuming ice cream.


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