Calling for comments.

Decisions decisions.
I bought two pair of Hunter boots, with the full intention of returning one.
Apparently, my indecisiveness is winning the battle. Please help me decide.

Egg Blue?
(aka, light grey with a blue tint)


(charcoal grey, high gloss all the same)

DECIDE! Please choose.
Comment below with your vote, I can't do it alone.


Megan said...

I say for sure the charcoal grey. So much more versatile and who doesn't love grey?

lindsay ivie said...

i see why you bought both. THEY ARE ADORBS.
while gray is my favorite color--and it would be first instinct. i say blue. they are so cute and could work with several different outfits.
but either way, they are fab.

Meg said...


Beth said...

Charcoal gray.....can be worn with so much more than the blue. But agreed, they're both so cute!

Jessica said...

I love the egg blue. Its a great color.

Erika Rae said...

Cousin. Both are great.
But I'm a sucker for grey.
Love them!

taylor morgan said...

I've never seen anyone with the blue. i like that.

Stockings and Wellingtons said...

Charcoal grey Wellingtons would look great if you wear them with black Tights.