Top of the charts, as far as Saturdays go.

Hold on to your hats people!
In addition to being mama clarke's birthday (you know, my best friend? that gorgeous woman who gets me & loves me all the same? yeah her's.) it was the most SPECTACULAR day of the year. I realize we're only a month in, but I'm think'n its going to give feb-dec a run for its money... at least for the time being.

I refuse to go into detail, but it may have involved a poppyseed muffin for breakfast, brother nicola being overly helpful, the mail man, new friends, smiths grocery store, a trip to alaska with taylor (we'll elaborate about this later), meeting with my study abroad group, a KILLLLLER concert, more new friends, yogurtland, and perfect day isn't complete with out a falsely accused traffic violation from alpine's finest. OKAY mr. cop, even though you say I rolled through that stop sign I actually SAW YOU - consequently leading me to stoping for a total of one, two, three, four, FIVE seconds at the stop sign, so no, I did not roll through. Needless to say, I got out of the ticket the day ended absolutely flawlessly.

P.S. Have you bought your ingrid tickets? Some of her shows have already SOLD OUT in presale... so I mean, get on it okay? 
Props to my good friend Jenn, my gosh dear, what an incredible voice you have.

happy saturday people, happy saturday.

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