ten days according to instagram.

Here we go, terrible way to start off a new year of blogging... one post in ten days. 
This is what's been up.

Coffee Ice Cream. Thats what's up. It's literally up, as in keeping me up all night long.
Last Thursday was the Grey's mid-season premiere. It called for a girls night with Ken & Cousin. Guilty pleasures all around, raunchy television shows & caffeinated dairy products.
Have you ever noticed that Utah is FLIPPIN COLD? And quite boring, if you're not one for the outdoors? Welp, I found one thing that is bueno about Utah. Sunsets. Always. Utah ALWAYS has fantastic sunsets, really though, practically every night.
I drive home from work every night with the grapefruit sky starin' me in the face!
Would you like to read something strange? 
My mother made Barbecue Chicken Salad like... oh... two weeks go for dinner.
I've made it several times since then. I eat it practically for every meal. I'm talking Breakfast, Lunch AND dinner. You think I'm kidding, but I'm pretty sure we're running out of barbecue sauce.
Those of you who live in Utah County in particular. DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR!? Not a single road without construction, I swear to you. I loathe that man in the orange vest causing traffic jams in the middle of the intersection. Absolutely ridiculous.
I went on a crazy streak! CRAZY! Like the times that I lived in California ya know? When I spent ALL KINDS OF MONEY? Well, I did it again. I went to Fashion Place mall, which is practically is definitely the only acceptable shopping in all of Utah. I went anticipating finally purchasing a pair of Hunter rain boots. WELP! I walked out of there with a big fat bag from J.Crew full of the loot I got from the FORTY PERCENT OF SALE, SALE. Bam. I do love a good shopping spree.
Guess what else happened. I'll tell you. Professor Kunickleton, aka Mike, aka Kunicks, aka Kunicki came into town. HE CAME TO UTAH! And so, we had an SC5 reunion (Jackie included!) and we went to dinner at Sea Salt in Salt Lake City
& I ate the freshest most delcioussssss mozzarella cheese in four forms.
1. Margarita Pizza. (so good people, the best, really though, A++)
2. Some other pizza with potatoes & asparagus & prosciutto & YUM.
3. Bruschetta, featuring rosemary, prosciutto & CHEESE. 
4. Finally, Gnocchi. SO GOOD GNOCCHI.
ah, I recommend this place, I really do. It was pricey, but it was WORTH IT. 
We then went to the broadway theater, 
where we momentarily had the theater to ourselves.
My Week With Marilyn.
I know I'm a sinner, but it's rated for language & IT IS SO FLIPPIN' GOOD.
I'm pretty sure it fits right up there in the top ten movies I've ever seen list.
I'm telling you, the main man? 
A terribly attractive ginger, that suave soul with his haircut & 1950's suits, 
shy smile & those freckles! Oh the freckles! 
What else what else, oh I have been shooting allll kinds of photographs in this awfully cold weather.
The coffee ice cream that's keeping me up all night? Yep, I do my best messy buns at 3 a.m. I've decided. But really, killer buns. Below is the same one three times, needless to say, I was unable to recreate it come morning time.
BAM. More BBQ Chicken Salad that I eat for midnight snacks.
.... and breakfast.. and lunch... and dinner too.
Below is a representation of what you must do when you have 
three ice-cream loving brothers... and a mother.

Thats it! There you go, ten days, summed into one.

Happy wednesday people!

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