'11 year in review: Jul-Dec

I know I did the January-June recap way back when, but I'm finally getting around to the July-December so here you go people, enjoy in all my reminiscing!

In addition to a few other concerts,
 I went to the Abbey Road Show with Arthur & had a grand 'ol time living in Provo.
Mother constantly picked fresh peonies & garden roses for the home / my apt.

 The annual tradition of the 6 am balloon fest, did take place, independence day just isn't the same without it!
 I went sailing for the first time, J.Crew photoshoot style.
 Had the greatest time of my life when I reunited with the 
SC5 crew for a Lake Powell trip never ever  to be forgotten.
 Became a real photographer / had the funnest photoshoot with ms. taylor.
 Played with friends all summer long, eating snow cones & sitting by the pool. Visited the other home, PC, olympic style of course, love me some worldwide games!

Batting cages with mr. Michael, oh boy do we have a good time, 
Clarke Family reunion in Southern Utah! I bought a brand new spank'n lens
 Another attempt was made to put the men in their place & my favorite kiddos CAME TO ME!
Followed by more visiting children! The child (and her amazing mother)! Ms. adorable herself!
 Finished off August with a little croquet tourney with the fam - typical Jones' activity.

The month of peaches, SO many peaches were eaten! Those delicious things! I also gave you the recipe for the best flipp'n peach pie out there.
An attempt was made to REALLY be apart of the family. Mountain biking & failing miserably.
Let's not forget, 10 days of bliss - in California of course!
 Disneyland nearly every day.
 And a Yankee/Angles game to finish off the week.

More PC trips for photoshoots with new boots & bags!

I cried because of this video. I listened to this song nearly every other minute. The child came to visit AGAIN! We took family photos. I cleaned my room REAL well.
 I started the Harry Potter Series again, reading the first book in a few hours, followed by the second... after which realizing if I stayed at that rate it'd be over too soon... needless to say, it's now January & I refuse to start the 6th for a least another week. Also, I went to Vegas for one more weekend of shorts & sandals!
Fall came.
Ate delicious food, bathed in wonderful company & enjoyed INCREDIBLE music.

 I went a little Anthro crazy there for a couple weeks...

 It kind of snowed a little bit & I got excited for christmas.
I hung out with the family... all the time.
The ER marathon seasons one through fifteen began!

After telling the men off again, there was an entire post about this unblievably delicious brie sandwich.
 Started a new thanksgiving tradish, dinner & paintball!

 Scored all sorts of loot at Anthro on black friday. & loved me some HP videos that make you weep.
& finished off the month with my very first car wash yet.

 Started off the merry month right, 70ยบ + California - surfing & all.
 I was accepted for Study Abroad in May.  Nicola taught me how to use a flash.
Do you remember? The best messy bun ever. & deciding cleaning was just as good as the gym.
 It kinda snowed again... but only kinda. Plus more HP videos.

 Progressed through December with some FOG! Boy, do I love fog.
Christmas was had! Dances were danced, presents were given.
 more & more ER seasons were watched. Photos were taken, friend's visited. And we ended with a note from Mary Margaret.

What a wonderful year it was!

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Chels said...

Let me just say that it is indeed a privilege, nay an HONOR to bear the same name. I LOVE THIS BLOG. I read it like scriptures. I miss you and love who you are so much. You are so full of life and I am grateful forever to know you. That's all I gotta say for now.