What an accomplishment.

I'm not going to down-play this. This Christmas I gave brother Nicola a bow tie as a gift. Not the pre-tied cheating ones. I snatched up a real live tie it your self authentic bow tie from Nordy's. About 5 minutes before we were supposed to head to church we decided to see if we can conquer the tying of the bow. No surprise, we quickly gave up & went to church.

Post church, we pulled out you tube & attempted a tackle.

After about 10 minutes & 10 tries, I had it down. You read that correctly.

My name is Chelsie.
I'm nearly 20 years old,
And I can tie a bow tie.

To top it all off, I mastered the bow tie... without a mirror.

Nicola on the other hand? After about an hour of you tubing, sitting in front of the mirror & muttering explicits under his breath, gave up. 

He'll get it eventually though... I have faith. Plus, I bought him this print to hang in his room.

We're now on our way to Christmas dinner. Cranberry salsa & flank steak? Yes please.

Merry Christmas people.

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