Two favorites, one post.

I finished it earlier this week. I couldn't put it off any longer, I just sat myself down & read the final two-hundred pages I had been putting off for over a week. Year five is my favorite ever. Dumbledore shows his true bad-a colors, the Weasley twins defy "the man", Harry is the most awkward romantic, the D.A. forms, everything becomes real & overall the story line is simply flipping fantastic. Obviously it has the second saddest ending of the series.. but Rowling knows what she's doing. My favorite is the conversation Harry has with Dumbledore at the very end of the book, when Dumbledore lays it all out for him & so many of Rowling's ingenius & clever concepts that are carried from year one to five are revealed. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have to put off year six, I'm reading through these much to quickly. 

On a completely separate note:
I spent this morning of Christmas Eve with none other that Mimi herself.

We laughed our heads off & exchanged gifts. Last year, she got me my (thoroughly used) vintage disneyland sweatshirt & our cupcake friendship necklaces, perfect right? Well this year she TOTALLY out-did her self. I'm talkin, this girl knows me better than myself, good. 
Take a look, a rose gold ELEPHANT bracelet. 

She's the best. She's also at the beach right now. 
I won't pretend I'm not filled to the brim with envy.

Happy Christmas Eve people!

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