Nickolas is my photography teacher... in addition to being my brother. He knows HOW to do everything, I just steal his knowledge & make money with it. A few months ago I bought a flash, I only kind of know how to use a flash. Until now. I begged him to teach me last night, after he had been awake for 37+ hours! (He is actually dedicated to his college education...) Anyways, he suggested I pull out the set of reflectors I bought last summer. TAUGHT. We used the gold one with this shot. How's my parent's living room for a studio? You can't tell, but I'm actually balancing it on my back & shooting at the same time. Isn't he so handsome? His friend knit him that scarf. People, I'm not even lying to you! A hand knit scarf!

P.S. He is still single. 
(shhhh, don't tell him I told you)


taylor morgan said...

chels. i LOVE that picture. like i think it is really cool... and i wish it was me... so i could make it my profile picture and make everyone jealous.

Kristi said...

Dude. How old is your brother? Probably not upper 30s for my sister, huh?