I love fog. I do.
Ask Mimi. Whenever there is fog... in California (CA fog is cooler) OR Utah I send her a text that says
"FOG!" & that alone. She gets it. Her usual response is along the lines of "I know Cuz, I know." Mimi understands, she gets how FLIPPIN AWESOME FOG IS. But really, do you love it!? Doesn't it just make the earth that much more beautiful? Sunday, there was fog. Therefore, Jessica, Kennan & myself took the liberty of going on a Sunday drive, through the fog. And what a foggy drive there was to be had:
In the midst of all the fog, we made our way down to the pond. There was a good 20ish feet of un-frozen pond water that all the ducks were swimming in. Apparently they didn't catch the memo.
They must of got caught up in all the loathing of weather with the rest of us anti-winter people & forgot to fly south for this beloved season! Stupid ducks, ponds are for summer.
Also, here is me... yelling something along the lines of "foooooooooooooooog" in my new anthro skirt I scored on black friday for fifteen dollars! Plus, the sunday drive company.

In addition to all the haziness above, do watch/listen to Ing's new cover. 

Happy monday people.
It may be semi-beautiful, but it is freezing & that makes it unwanted.

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