facebook is great.

...because you put all these photos in these albums... that you look at once, maybe twice. & then a year later, you go through & look through alllll the photos in that said album.


Tonight's activity? Looking through my 'just south of L.A.' album.

I'm tell'n you. I miss my California life in such an expansive measure, I could really be-rid of this 20º weather & go back to my nothing less than 60º December. Also, the continuation of Disneyland Tuesday wouldn't be to shabby either.

Not to mention five cent angles games nearly every week. Disney disney disney, can you believe they took down those letters in front of California Adventure? Celebrating my cutest ever 'boyfriends' birthday. Day trips to Los Angeles to hang out in the same places that Joseph Gordon Levitt likes to kick it.. and last but not least what seemed to take place several times a month, incredible concerts to attend & receive invitations to!

What a life! I can't wait to see what the future holds. As for now, I think the time to book the 'disneyland anual pass renewal' trip is quickly approaching, I think I'll search the calendar for that designated long weekend in early 2012.

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