ER Update.

Not that you non - ER enthusiasts care too much, but we're on season 5.
So here's the update.

Dr. Ross grew out his hair - Great job Clooney!
Dr. Carter currently has a new med student... & a BEARD! I am loving the beard.
Oh, & that said bearded man? 
He is dating Roxanne, also known as CLAIRE of Modern Family!
I think my favorite part of watching this series from the beginning, is seeing all the actors who come in as patients... that now, fifteen years later have large roles in T.V. shows & movies. 
My use of IMDB has become, to say the least, excessive.

Happy Wednesday People!

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bRitTanYlEi said...

how much do i love this! I've been addicted to this show for literally 12 years. maybe longer.. haha