Coffee & Stripes.

Soundtrack: Sarah Blasko - We Won't Run.

Cameron (little biebs) wanted a photography lesson.

He's not half bad right? He must get his skills from Nickolas.

Not-so-unrelated side note:

When I worked at Starbucks, I found that there are about 50 (I kid you not) drinks you can order that don't have coffee in them. Pretty sure it was my most educational occupation yet. I also learned a second language (coffee language), I miss all my clothes smelling of the sweet aroma of that bean.
Taylor & I went last night, I ordered a personal favorite:
créme based white chocolate peppermint frappuccino.
 Taylor did some iPhone deductive work, as you can see she was pretty into her investigation.
The point is, I am basically wearing that same outfit, in the photos above. 
Yay for J.Crew!

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Chels said...

I just love you. And your blog. But mostly you. After you're done with all your exotic traveling, you should consider coming to fabulous West Virginia....