Yesterday's bun was pretty deece. Don'cha think?

When you're home all alone & about to take a shower... do you lock the bathroom door? Thinking for some strange reason that you are going to be murdered, even though you've been home for hours.. & all the outside doors are locked as is... it's not like your murderer would wait that long to kill you. Anyways, do you do that? Do you play your music as loud as it will possibly go, accompanied by singing & dancing? Do you go turn all the many lights off in the house & then sprint to your bedroom with your iphone flashlight & leap onto bed before the monsters grab your feet from under you... and then blog about it?

Because I do.

Back to the bun. Those buns on top of your head, well, they're pretty tricky ya know. It's like a hit or miss kinda thing... either that flop on top of your head looks cool, or it looks like a flop on top of your head. Somehow, this morning, when I woke up at the time that is designated as "chelsie it is time to be in your car, rolling down the driveway" time... and in that rush I was putting that flop on my head, it flip-flopped every which way & then it kinda tied itself into a pretzel! I was proud, I was. I am proud. I'll probably never be able to re-create it, because let's be honest... everybody knows they look the best when you're a) only tying it up there to brush your teeth or b) not really trying. Check out that bun.

*take into account, this is even the "end of the day" edition of the bun. in the morning? well in the morning it looked flipp'n fantastic, if you can imagine it getting much better.

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lindsay ivie said...

i'm SO jealous of your bun.
i have tried countless times for a perfect bun--but i will never happen because my hair is so thin.
cute cute cute.